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Services and Rates

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Discounts for College Heights and Normal Park neighborhoods

Normal Business Hours

7 Days A Week: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM*

*Service Is Also Available For:

Visits Outside Normal Business Hours

Overnight Pet Sitting and House Sitting

Short Notice / On-Call Visits

Initial Consultation - Always Free!

Standard Services Include:

Personalized pet sitting in your home for cats, dogs, hamsters, fish . . .

  • Mid-day potty breaks / walks for your pup
  • Feeding to your specifications
  • Litter boxes scooped
  • Administration of basic medication (also see Additional Services below)
  • Play time and cuddling (keeps pet happy and unstressed)

In addition . . .

Your house will look lived-in with the following

standard services provided . . .

  • Windows/door locks checked upon every visit
  • Bringing in newspapers/mail/deliveries
  • Rotating lights, blinds, radio and TV...
  • Trash and recyclables carried in/out
  • Outdoor birds fed
  • Plants and gardens watered

Standard Services Start At:

$14.00 per 30 min visit (M-F)

$15.00 per 30 min visit (Sat-Sun)

$19.00 per 60 min visit

Small up-charge for outside regular service areas

Over Night Services:

Pet Sitting, House Sitting in your home:

$50.00 for 10-12 hour stay

Additional Services

Pet Taxi and Errand Service:

To vet, groomer, dog park, pick up meds . . .

$20.00 for first 30 mins

$5.00 for each additional 15 mins  

Bottle Feeding of infant kitties and puppies

$2.00 additional to standard fees

Infusing IV Medications or Injections

$3.00 additional to standard fees       

Holidays - see below for holidays included at these rates:

Standard Services - Holidays:

$19.00 per 30 min visit

$24.00 per 60 min visit  

Over Night Services - Holidays:

$65.00 for 10-12 hour stay

There's No Place Like Home

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