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"Barcie's Big Break"

(From the humans: Finally, Barcie has put pen to paper or should we say toenail to keyboard)

Barcelona the whippet here. The title,"Barcie's Big Break" refers not only to my blog, but to the events a few weeks back.

During the “Blizzard of 2011” the humans let us critters out in the front yard, thinking that brother Kobe and I would never stray during a snowstorm. If you know anything about us whippets you know we DO NOT like the cold and spend much of the winter lying under blankets and comforters, a

nose length from the space heater, always seeking warmth. But, that day Kobe and I were ready for a little adventure. Kobe had been dreaming of long johns, but not the woolly kind. Doughnuts, I mean. With nuts, or sprinkles or chocolate frosting, danishes, croissants, fritters, bear claws, all available for a few coins at the local Dom's Bakery. We can always smell the fryers during our neighborhood walks. PLUS with a steaming hot

cup of Joe, what could be better? So, suddenly we were free, racing down the sidewalk, leaping over snow banks. The humans gave chase but they might as well have been standing still for all the good their little, dumpy legs were doing (I'm sure the humans MUST be 50+, I suspect older). Suddenly, the bakery was within sight as we turned the corner on Washtenaw Avenue. We were sooooo, so close and we weren't going to let a little traffic get in the way of our big outing! Suddenly, our humans were upon us with their car, and their waving arms and the look of terror on their faces (sigh) running to capture us and take us home. They were "worried" about us getting hit by cars. Oh – those humans are so controlling. They think they own us!

So, any of you pets out there want to weigh in on this? How do your humans squelch all of your big-time doggie fun? How 'bout a revolt against the leash!

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